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Tab Control in LabVIEW

To access Tab Control, go to Controls Pallette>>Modern/System/Classic>>Containers>>Tab Control. Select and place it on the front panel. Tab Control consists of multiple pages. By default, two pages will be created. To add more pages, right click on the tab control and select Add Page After from the right click menu. This will add page adjacent to the currently selected page. […]

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Building an Array in Latex

Expression for an array begins with the following two commands, \begin{array}{justification} \end{array} All the elements of the array will be placed between the above two commands. Array elements can be justified according to your requirement with the use of justification command. l for left, c for centered or r for right justification. The parameters passed through the justification command must […]

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Delete column from 2D array

To delete a column from a 2D array, there are two ways to this: 1. Go to the front panel, right click on the array column you want to delete and select Data Operation>>Delete Column 2. To achieve the above programmatically, use the Delete From Array function from the array palette. Drop the function on the block diagram and connect […]

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Subscript and Superscript in Latex

Latex is a document preparation system, often used in documenting scientific and technical documents. It is common to find subscripts and superscripts as part of mathematical expressions written in such documents. So in this post we will look into writing subscripts for different cases. The command for subscript involves an Underbar followed by the expression that has to appear as […]

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