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Timer : Measuring Elapsed Time with Pause

This is a FGV timer implemented using the function ‘Get Date/Time in Seconds’, to measure elapsed time along with Pause and Resume functionality. Here is the front panel of the vi. Timer states is an enum which has four states. Set Timer Parameters – Resets the timer Get Elapsed Time – Returns Elapsed time Pause – Pause the timer Resume – […]

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Calibrating a Sensor in LabVIEW

Most of the LabVIEW applications involve data acquisition through NI hardware. Since we would be attempting to measure some real world phenomenon(like strain, load, pressure… etc), these will be converted into electrical signals(like voltage, current… etc) that can be measured using the data acquisition hardware. A sensor is a device which is used to convert a real world phenomenon into […]

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Change Cell Background Color in a Table Control


  To just simply change the background color of all cells in Table, Listboxes, Multicolumn List boxes and Tree Controls, follow the below procedure:   Use the CellBGColor property to set the color to a cell. Use ActiveCell Property to set the row and column of the cell that needs this change. In the below LabVIEW examples, the background color […]

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Timer : Measuring Elapsed Time

Here you can find  a FGV timer implemented using  the function ‘Get Date/Time in Seconds’ to measure elapsed time. What is a Functional Global Variable(FGV)? A Functional Global Variable is a VI that uses loops with uninitialized shift registers to hold global data. Shift registers keep track of past information. So a FGV uses a For or While loop  to […]

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Run-Time Shortcut Menu

Here we are going to discuss about creating run-time shortcut menu for a control programmatically. As a continuation to one of my previous posts, the control that we will consider here will again be a multicolumn listbox. We will see how to create a runtime shortcut menu and then insert the selected menu item into the corresponding cell as shown […]

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Check box in Multicolumn Listbox

To insert a checkbox in the first column of MultiColumnListBox, in the front panel right click on the multicolumnlistbox and select Visible Items>>Symbols and enable it(tick mark). Then use itemnames and itemsymbols property nodes as shown below, to insert the checkbox or any other symbol from the list of itemsymbols provided by LabVIEW(Figue 1 & 2 respectively). The ring constant […]

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