Check box in Multicolumn Listbox

To insert a checkbox in the first column of MultiColumnListBox, in the front panel right click on the multicolumnlistbox and select Visible Items>>Symbols and enable it(tick mark). Then use itemnames and itemsymbols property nodes as shown below, to insert the checkbox or any other symbol from the list of itemsymbols provided by LabVIEW(Figue 1 & 2 respectively).



The ring constant with checkbox that you see above is Listbox Symbol Ring Constant. It can be found in the Functions Pallette>>Programming>>Dialog & User Interface subpallette.

Item Symbols

Figure 2

This will be useful in applications where user need to select multiple rows of the ListBox/Table for further processing. To find out the user selection, pass the co-ordinates of the click to the “Point To Row Column” invoke node. This method converts a pixel coordinate to the row-column pair. The “InSymbol” parameter in the invoke node, returns TRUE if the point is within the bounds of the symbol. Use this information to figure out whether the checkbox is selected/unselected.


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