Quick Drop in LabVIEW

Time is one important factor during certification exams. You need to look into various techniques that can effectively improve your programming speed. One such technique in my opinion is the use of Quick Drop Dialog Box. Introduced from LabVIEW 8.6, it allows you to directly drop the objects from the palette without having to navigate through the various levels of the palette.

Access the Quick Drop Dialog Box by either of the following methods,

  • Press <ctrl-space> from the keyboard
  • Go to menu, select  View>>Quick Drop

Enter the name of the object you are looking for in the search box, to obtain the list of possibilities as seen below. Select the object and press ENTER to drop it on the block diagram.

Quick drop

Add New Shortcut:

Create your own keyboard shortcuts within the quick drop box to access the repetitively used functions at just a button press. To add a new shortcut, click on shortcuts… button in the

Following are the shortcuts which I have defined as per my convenience.

tr – TCP Read

tw – TCP Write

ws – while loop

ei –Error In 3D.ctl

eo – Error Out 3D.ctl

Quickdrop AddNew Shortcut

Add New Shortcut

Quick drop palette

Block Diagram

User Created Shortcut[front panel]

Front panel


Control Key Shortcuts:

 Ctrl key shortcuts

Ctrl- Key shortcuts

Now we will see how effectively we can use the Ctrl- Key shortcuts while programming:


I – Insert:


  1. Select the wire and press Ctrl + Space.
  2. Type tr[user created shortcut for TCP Read] and when the function is selected, press Ctrl + I
  3. Inserts the function.


T – Move terminal Labels:

 Ctrl move terminal labels1

  1. Select terminals for which the labels has to be moved to sides.
  2. Press Ctrl + space followed by Ctrl + T


R – Remove and Rewire:

 Remove and rewire

  1. Select the function to be removed.
  2. Press Ctrl + Space followed by Ctrl + R


P – Replace:


  1. Select the function to replace and press Ctrl +space
  2. Type the function [typed tw – replaced TCP Read (tr) to TCP Write (tw)] and press Ctrl + P.



D – Wire all terminals:

 Wire all terminals


  1. Select the function to wire the terminals and press Ctrl + Space.
  2. Then press Ctrl + D.


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