Tab Control in LabVIEW

To access Tab Control, go to Controls Pallette>>Modern/System/Classic>>Containers>>Tab Control. Select and place it on the front panel. Tab Control consists of multiple pages. By default, two pages will be created.

Control Pallette

To add more pages, right click on the tab control and select Add Page After from the right click menu. This will add page adjacent to the currently selected page. So to add page at last, select the last page using the operational tool which will display that page and then right click over there and select Add Page After. Use Position tool, to select/move the front panel objects on the page.

If you intend to remove the tab names from the top, right click and select Visible items>>tabs(untick)


Now when the tab names are removed, to move across the pages you can right click on the tab control and select Go To Page. This will list all the pages available as sub menu. You can select the page here.

Go To Page

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