Common Control in Multiple Tabs of Tab Control

At times, when we use a tab control which occupies the complete front panel, we may need to place certain controls like stop/exit… visible in all the tabs. So that the user can have access to these controls across all the tabs. Follow the below given steps to achieve the above said:

  1. Place the control next to the tab control. Here i have considered only two tabs,you can check with more tabs.
    Select control
  2. Select the control using the position tool and start moving the control on to the tab using keyboard keys .
    Move on to tab
  3. Once the control enters on to the tab, you will notice a shadow surrounding the control( which will disappear once you run the vi).
  4. Continue to move it with the keyboard arrow keys until you reach your desired location on the tab.
      • Note: Take care not to move it with mouse even after the work is done(control is placed in its desired location).

    Moved on to tabMoved on to tab2

  5. Now run the vi and see the same control on all the tabs(without shadow).
    same control on mutiple tabs

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